Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chinese night

Bradley has been really interested in Chinese food for the past few months.  I have made fried rice for dinner a few times and everyone has enjoyed it, but he wanted to try more.  So when Ryan and I took him out on a date with us he chose to go to a Chinese buffet.  We had a good time trying different dishes and I was surprised at what he tried.  Here are a few things: crab legs, craw fish (it still had a head), shrimp, sushi, and some other stir fry type dishes.  The funny thing is he ate the entire meal with chop sticks, even the jello and sherbet.  He is in love with chop sticks and grabbed enough to take home for the whole family.
A few weeks before that we checked out a Chinese food cookbook for kids from the library.  I found a few recipes that looked tasty and decided to make some over the next few months.  So tonight I made fried rice, chicken lettuce wraps, and Bradley made fortune cookies.  The lettuce wraps were really good.  I almost felt like I was at PF Changs, almost.We had a great time trying something new and eating with our chop sticks Bradley brought home.  Here are a few pictures.

Andrew even tried his hand at speaking Chinese.  I think Ryan said he was saying hello.

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